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Advice to the Upcoming Grad…

First off congrats!! Soon you’ll be crossing the stage and receiving your diploma. The crossing of the stage is also symbolic of crossing into a new stage of life called Adulthood. Adulthood can be tricky, because you probably already consider yourself … Continue reading

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Is transparency a dirty word?

Transparency is a 12 letter word, and it might as well be as dangerous as three “4” letter words. We use four letter words sometimes to express out utter disgust with certain aspects of life. Transparency is often looked upon … Continue reading

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You Have To Take It!

So, you are graduating from college and planning your next path in life. You may chose to get a job in the corporate world, start your own enterprise or you may decide to travel and discover new places. You have … Continue reading

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Marketing Yourself in a Recession

You’re Hired! I guess you all can’t wait to hear those words and you are all probably nervous and wondering if that will be possible in today’s sluggish economy. I’m not going to lie, it’s tough out there, but you … Continue reading

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What business schools should tell you, but sometimes don’t.

Let me start by being really open… I believe the University of Tampa tries exceptionally hard to communicate what the “real world” is like. What do I mean? Think of those classes where someone always walks in a bit late, … Continue reading

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Jail Break

What advice should a trial lawyer, of 33 years’ experience, offer a Senior who is graduating from the University of Tampa? What have I learned, that you don’t know, and perhaps, should know? Or would want to know? First, consider … Continue reading

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