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On July 13, 1993, Steve Ells founded the fast found Mexican restaurant Chipotle. Chipotle promises customers the highest quality ingredients, and they strive to use ingredients that are GMO-free and which come from places where the animals, farmers and environment are cared for. Chipotle also likes to keep a great connection with their customers by offering numerous deal options, especially for special customers such as cops and teachers.

Chipotle has faced run-ins with food poisoning like salmonella and e-coli. Recently, they dealt with these issues by shutting down targeted Chipotle restaurants. Chipotle quickly apologized, admitting and moving forward with new plans and solutions to improve.

Their goal is to make a full recovery with five clear steps that include, new food safety protocol, increased store audits by in-house management and third party inspectors, a $50 million marketing and promotion campaign, continued expansion, and aggressive investments in staff and management. Chipotle is in high hopes for these new systems to avoid further loss and gain back the once loyal customers the popular fast food restaurant obtained.

Our final thoughts on Chipotles strategies to recover from the e-coli ordeal is that they did the right thing by owning up to there down fall and speaking out on behalf of Chipotle. We liked that Chipotle tried to keep communication with there customers most of the time, also offering special deals to accommodate customers in some way. Chipotle has already come up with a 5-step plan we mentioned earlier and it seems as though it will be successful and hopefully better Chipotle. We feel that Chipotle as a company is responsible, caring and making great efforts to stay transparent.

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