Delta Airlines Transparency

Delta Airlines headquarters is located in Atlanta , GA.  They pride themselves on giving their customers the best experience as possible. The number one priority is customer satisfaction. The goal being to make sure Delta Airlines is affordable for everyone to fly. They want all classes of people to fly  wheather it be the lower or middle class.  Delta’s main goal being to stay in the top of the world’s rankings as they are now.

Delta’s new slogan “World’s most trusted’’ is a key component of them demonstrating transparency. Delta prides itself on being one of the most trustworthy airlines.  Delta is honest with its customers and tells all the incentives it gives to people who fly Delta Airlines. This slogan defines who Delta is as a company. They pride themselves in not lying to the customers and not being deceptive about prices. Delta doesn’t pride themselves on hidden fees.

Delta is transparent in the fact that they will tell you up front what everything costs. There will not be hidden fees and outrageous prices for things such as extra baggage. They are transparent that you will know what it costs to fly ahead of time. People will continue to trust Delta as long as they continue to tell the truth.

Transparency is something Delta prides itself on.  This proves to be true as they continue to be on top of the rankings. Delta will continue to be considered a top airline as they are trustworthy and tell their customers the truth.

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