Conscious Coconut: Transparency, Respect, & Love

Conscious Coconut stands behind the principle of thinking globally, acting locally – but what does that really mean? On February of 2014, Danielle Conte founded the company Conscious Coconut. Conscious Coconut is a coconut oil that is vircclogogin and unrefined, which means the oil is at its highest quality possible. Conscious Coconut is fair trade certified business, meaning not only that they work directly with their farmers and suppliers but respect them as human beings as well.

Conscious Coconut oil is made on farms in Thailand. As a certified fair trade company, they focus on making sure all basic needs are met: safe working conditions, appropriate pay, clean water, and making a strong stand against forced labor and child labor/human rights abuse.

This “platform of love” showcases that a sustainable business can be built on a foundation of transparency, respect, and love. By buying a simple tube of coconut oil, not only are you helping those in developing countries live a better life, but also helping fight against childhood hunger and creating an equal opportunity for the developmentally disabled in our community.

As consumers, we can appreciate the care and love that goes into the production and packaging of this product. We know that since the product is unrefined, cold-pressed, and completely organic, we can utilize the oil to its fullest potential.

Since Danielle keeps open lines of communication we know the product has no artificial ingredients or unnatural preservatives. As consumers we should share these benefits with family and friends. Will you act locally so Conscious Coconut can continue to act globally?


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