Transparency: The Domino’s Turnaround


It’s amazing how a short two-minute video can suddenly change the view and face of a world known brand in such a short period of time after being posted on the Internet. Large corporations and organizations nowadays must find a way to deal with any mishap or issue that could be spread quickly that could damage their brand image.

Enter Dominos as a perfect example of this great threat to companies. Two employees from one of their stores in Conover, N.C. in 2009, created a disturbing video that destroyed many customers faith in Dominos. This created the biggest public relations disaster in the company and made them take immediate action to change the view of the company as a whole.

“We got blindsided by two idiots with a video camera and an awful idea,” said a Domino’s spokesman, Tim McIntyre.

Domino’s response to this video was slow and didn’t seem transparent enough. The customer’s perception of the quality in the company went from positive to negative in a very short time period.

A year later, Dominos felt the need for an even larger change and difference, and they decided to start from scratch. The 2010 Pizza Turn Around was the first and most important step and changing the face of Dominos and gaining the customers trust once again. They named this campaign the “Our Pizza Sucks” Campaign, in which executives and head chefs listened to their hardest critics and researched what people actually thought about the company and their pizza. They created a new crust, new sauce everything new! They then shared the pizza with some of the hardest critics. It doesn’t get more transparent than that!

Because of Dominos changes and re-evaluation of their company, they are now seated at #2 of the largest pizza franchise chain. They are also awarded and recognized for their company culture and transparency.

Domino’s noticed people’s approval through the combination of social media and a huge boost in sales. The greatest factor in this big change was that they listened to customers, accepted their flaws in a transparent way, and took on a huge challenge only to become better.

What are your thoughts on Domino’s Transparency and what do you expect from them in the future?

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