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What in the world is Apple doing?

A kid, little—maybe 9 years old, told me the other day that his friend had his own cell phone.  “What kind?” I asked.  “The best one in the whole wide world,” he replied, “iPhone 7.” In our lifetime(s) I am … Continue reading

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Patagonia Takes the Gold in Transparency

Have you ever heard of Patagonia? You probably have; in fact, you might even own a Patagonia jacket. This company, which makes outdoor clothing and gear, was founded by Yvon Chouinardin 1973. Transparency has become a growing trend amongst private … Continue reading

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Uber Transparent?

Your Uber is arriving now. Your phone notifies you, which means it’s time to get into your personally-driven premium car. When Uber started up, this concept enticed the consumer market, but flash forward to today, and ask yourself, “What do … Continue reading

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