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Everlane is an online clothing company focusing on “modern essentials.” Their mission is to score a 90 or above for every factory. They are making strides in selecting the best factories and building strong relationships with the owners. Everlane has an outlook on being radically transparent with their customers. Their website offers numerous ways in order to see how their products are made, cost, and produced. Not only do they want to be transparent but also make efforts in helping out the environment as well. Here are some of the few projects Everlane is embarking on.gallery_medium


  • ReNew Collection: With this project, Everlane’s efforts is to have no new plastic in their supply chain by 2021. They are currently replacing all synthetic fabrics with renewed alternatives. Not only do they want to change the fabrics but also change the packaging. As part of this project, they developed a recycled version to ship out products. With Everlane’s impact on the environment, this can encourage all of their consumers to want to make a change as well. 


  • The Black Friday Fund: This project’s initiative is to build the world’s cleanest farm. Saitex denim imagescompany will help workers in Vietnam. This will give them one free meal per shift. All of the profits from Black Friday will go towards this fund. Not only can you help the workers but also help save the environment as well. Everlane is making it possible for their consumers to help the world.


  • Human Heroes: Everlane’s core mission on radical transparency is to defend human rights. With the launch of this project, they hope to highlight individuals that fight for those rights every day. Through its 100% Human Heroes campaign Everlane has been able to raise over $500,000 for organizations. Through partnering with these organizations Everlane hopes to highlight activists at every level.


However, some online reviews state that Everlane does have some issues that they should work on such as, sizing, supply vs the demand, customer service and returns. It is important to mention than Everlane is practically a new company (founded in 2010) and becoming aware of these issues and trying to fix them would make it an even better company. Despite these issues, Everlane does have a great concept on being transparent with their customers through their website. 


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