Amazon is an is recorded to be the world’s largest online retailer. They are continually raising the bar for your customer experience by allowing you to find and buy anything from the comfort of your home. Because Amazon is such a popular company, customers often fail to see the transparency issues faced within this organization. It is known that Amazon has been involved with multiple incidents regarding unionist movements, racism, Covid-19, and the use, or rather misuse, of collected personal data.

Some things we have learned from research about Amazon is that they are unwilling to publicly address these problems. Instead, they tend to dismiss public criticism, and on occasion will avoid informing their own workers. Transparency is rare but so are hard workers, if Amazon decided to put the same energy into making their organization transparent there would not be so many upset employees.

Being a transparent company requires being straightforward about their company’s operations, and Amazon has unfortunately failed at doing this. For example, when it came to disclosing information about Covid-19, the company did not release the information on how many employees were displaying symptoms or had been exposed to the virus. A situation like that can create a harmful work environment that can become a safety hazard to everyone involved. 

Other questionable examples of how Amazon is not transparent would be the racism faced within the organization. According to data, about 85% of Amazon’s warehouse workers identify as black or African American. However, within the 26 years of Amazon there have only been two black directors on their team. This is unacceptable and unfair to those who work hard to receive promotions within this organization. 

Overall, Amazon may be a great company for instant gratification but lacks in being transparent with their employees. Perhaps if Amazon worked harder for openness between all employees, the public, and local and national governments it would not be facing a problem with transparency.

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