9/29 Weekly Update

Nicole Schenone, Max Brennan, Olivia Vanvelsor, Joseph Thornton

Our group had the chance to get together and decide on a brand to research. We chose Patagonia, the clothing company. We chose this company because we believe that this company in particular is extremely transparent with not only its workers but its customers as well. This company has a separate website that allows their consumers to see how their items are made and manufactured. My group and I have decided to create a slideshow and show pictures, videos taken from the website itself and even have some small interactive group activities for the class to take part in when we present. Not only will the presentation show students how transparent this company is but it will make them think twice before they go buy from a company before researching it. We will be using this website: https://www.patagonia.com/stories/introducing-the-new-footprint-chronicles-on-patagoniacom/story-18443.html as our main source in terms of showing the audience how transparent the company is. We do not have any questions for the professor as of right now since we have just been collecting data and brainstorming ideas for the presentation.

  • Nicole
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