10/6 Weekly Update

Nicole, Joe, Max, Olivia

This week, our group has been very productive. My group and I were able to meet with Professor Buschman and get feedback on our presentation that we have ready for the class on October 13. This week, we were able to determine how exactly we wanted to present the brand Patagonia to the class. We were able to use all of our sources to gather information and be able to break down what transparency is, what makes it work and how the brand Patagonia is transparent with not only their customers but their workers as well. We are going to be showing many examples throughout our presentation, that help the viewer understand why Patagonia is a good example of “Good Transparency”

When we met with Professor Buschman, he was able to give us some good tips on how to improve our project. We were able to walk out of that meeting knowing what to change and what my group and I can do differently on the project in order for the presentation to be effective. We can conclude that we will be using; current events, movie examples, and examples of brands that are not transparent in order to stress to the viewer that Patagonia is a one of a kind brand that is transparent with their customers/workers.

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