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After meeting with Professor Buschman last week, we took all the suggestions he gave us and added them into our presentation and talking points. He gave us good insights into what we can talk about in relation to our company and the industry, as well as adding videos and a class activity. We will also add what transparency is, our personal experiences with transparency and how it relates to our chosen company, and how the company demonstrates transparency and its significance. Implementing Professor B’s suggestions along with our own research, we are confident in our final presentation.

We were able to put all of our research and knowledge to create a presentation that shows Lush as an excellent example of a transparent company. Not only does the company provide consumers with the exact ingredients that go in their products, they also show them how they’re made and where they buy their ingredients. They also detail their philanthropic work and their recognition of problem areas, like lack of diversity, and how they can improve these areas.

Everything anyone would need or want to know about Lush, their company history, and their products is laid out on their website. This company was built on the idea of being transparent, and it just goes to show that when a company is honest and truthful, people are willing to pay a little more for their products.

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