NCA Position Papers

Bridging the “Third Space”:
Advancing Communication Theories in/of Nonprofit Organizations

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Panel 1: Critical Issues in Nonprofit Research

Theresa Castor, University of Wisconsin-Parkside
Governing Board Meetings and their Communication Dilemmas: Negotiating Leadership and Knowledge

Courtney E. Cole, Ohio University
Postcolonial Partnerships or Neocolonial Collaboration? A Position Paper on International Nonprofit Organizing

Beth Eschenfelder, University of Tampa
Compassion vs. control: Characteristics of nonprofit versus for-profit workers as explored through studies of workplace emotional labor

KK Holland, University of California, Santa Barbara
From Good Theory to Great: Building Better Theories of Collaboration through Greater Awareness of the Legal and Technical Forces Driving Organizational Form and Communication

Matthew G. Isbell, Merrimack College
The role of boundary spanners as the interorganizational link in nonprofit collaborating

Michelle Shumate, Andrew Pilny, Katherine R. Cooper, & Yannick Atouba, University of Illinois at Urbana
Champaign The impact of interorganizational network evolution on outcomes for nongovernmental organizations (NGOs): A summary of current research

Sarah Steimel, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Negotiating Tensions Across Organizational Boundaries: Communication and Nonprofit Refugee Resettlement Organizations

Panel 2: Buildings Communicative Theories of Nonprofit Organizing

Melissa Bator, University of California Santa Barbara
Preliminary thoughts on organizational communication theorizing within the nonprofit sector: Knowledge sharing among development nongovernmental organizations

Sarah Dempsey, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Nonprofits and the Politics of Communicative Labor

Debbie S. Dougherty, University of Missouri & Maria A. Dixon, Southern Methodist University
Toward a Dream Weaver theory of Nonprofit Organizing: A Preliminary Position Paper

Shiv Ganesh & Kirstie McAllum, University of Waikato
Volunteering and Professionalization: Tensions and Trends

Joel O. Iverson, University of Montana
Theorizing Organizational Mission and Mission Statements in a Structuration Framework

Ashley Hinck, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Adding the Public Sphere to Perspectives of Communication in Nonprofit Organizations

Matthew Koschmann, University of Colorado at Boulder
Developing a Communicative Theory of the Nonprofit

Matthew L. Sanders, Utah State University
Theorizing Nonprofit Organizations as Contradictory Enterprises: Examining the Inherent Tensions of Nonprofit Marketization

Panel 3: Toward Engaged Nonprofit Scholarship

Yannick Atouba, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Interorganizational collaborative effectiveness: Toward the development of a measurement instrument and a research agenda

Disraelly Cruz, University of South Dakota
Nonprofit Stability During Times of Economic Crisis and Reduced Government Support

Anthony Jardina, Wake Forest University
Explaining’s Success and its Implications for the Third Sector

Kevin-Khristián Cosgriff-Hernández & Barbara F. Sharf, Texas A&M University
Trailblazing healthcare: The reconceptualization and institutionalization of complementary/alternative medicine

Laurie K. Lewis, Rutgers University
Becoming Useful: Using Engaged Scholarship as a Means to Move NPO Scholarship Forward

Rebecca Meisenbach, Univiversity of Missouri, Columbia
A Call for More Research on Nonprofit Advocacy

Alexandra (Lexa) Murphy, DePaul University & Maria Dixon, Southern Methodist University
Stories from Africa: Engaging in International Nonprofit Collaborations