You Have To Take It!

So, you are graduating from college and planning your next path in life. You may chose to get a job in the corporate world, start your own enterprise or you may decide to travel and discover new places. You have worked hard and spent a great deal of time and money to get where you are now. One valuable attitude to keep is having the understanding that not many things in life are given to you… have to take it!

Having a goal and knowing where you are going is critical. Many people that achieved their goals knew early on where they wanted to be….they just got busy finding out how to get there. Ask questions and listen to others around you. Some of the best opportunities can be found in listening to the details. Know your goals and create the opportunities that will take you in that direction. The desire to reach your goal is the most important factor. You have to want it. You have to want it more than the person sitting next to you.

Whether you desire to become a stockbroker in New York or travel around the world, realize there is always a path to get there. Focus on creating ways to make it happen and not the reasons it will be difficult. Make contact with someone that can help you along the way and be candid about what you want. Do not wait for an opportunity to come knocking at the door…….open the door and find it.

Communicating your intentions is important. In an interview or in a current job, have a dialogue with your supervisor or trusted advisor about where you want to go. This will either open new opportunities in the future or make you realize your future path may be better somewhere else. Too many individuals get cornered in a position they are not satisfied with because they have not communicated their desire to achieve what they want.

We may not always know what the next steps will be to reach our goals, but we must focus on the destination and create ways to get there. It is amazing what you can achieve by knowing what you want. Always take action. There may be wrong decisions and failures along the way, but don’t fail because you chose not to act. Always make your move.

Your opportunities now are endless. Decide in what direction you will move or what it is that you want…..and take it!

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3 Responses to You Have To Take It!

  1. Audrey Schmidt says:

    I found this advice very helpful. I am always trying to figure out the next step and plan for the future and what it might entail. In this economy, jobs are so hard to come by that I feel that taking internships out of college aren’t necessarily a bad thing to do.

    I had an internship over the summer where, though I learned a lot, I do feel that they took advantage of me. My superior, who “hired” me in the first place, asked me if I wouldn’t mind working in the executive office for a week just temporary. At the time I was working in the Event and Sales office. But I said I would, but that week turned into two months. In the end, I feel like I learned a lot and was given a lot of responsibility and I know I made a great impression on them for future recommendations and such.

    But I never want to be stuck like that. I want to find something that I actually enjoy doing. I know that in order to climb that ladder, you must start from the beginning But my worst fear is if I do all that, which takes years, and then in ten years, I’m not happy. I think your advice is great, finding something you enjoying, and doing it.

  2. Sarah Ward says:

    This is wonderful advice!
    Thank-you so much for sharing. I’m a big believer in going after what you want, but I was wondering have you ever come accross someone in your career who was too pushy or assertive? Do you think it’s important to strike a balance between pushing for what you want and knowing your place, especially at the beginning of your career?

  3. Meghan Williamson says:

    Your advice is really helpful and meaningful. I think most graduating seniors, myself included, take for granted all the oppurtunities we have in front of us. As I am planning for the future, I find myself getting too worried about getting stuck in a job where I am unhappy. Like you said, I need to focus on making my goals happen and not the problems with them. There are so many goals that I want to accomplish and I need to have drive, more than ever, to accomplish them. I think the hard part for me is figuring out my next steps to achieve these goals but I have faith that I will figure it out in time. Thanks for the advice it helped to put things into perspective.

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