Patagonia Transparency

If you are looking for a shopper’s high, Patagonia is not where you will find it. Patagonia is for the savvy shopper who buys only what they need, doing the least amount of harm for the environment.

This matches Patagonia’s mission which is to “Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.”

One way they do this is by using recyclable fibers and organic cotton. They also encourage each purchase to be an investment by offering to repair any damaged products so the customer can recycle the item instead of buying a new version.


Beyond their product model, they demonstrate corporate responsibility by encouraging their employees to keep in mind that all of their actions impact their customers, community and the environment.

Through these practices, Patagonia is a perfect example of a transparent company. Transparency in business is giving the public and company full access to all information and the availability to see reasons behind regulatory measures.

Openness in communication inside the company also is crucial for success and innovation, and Patagonia seems to excel at this. Patagonia features videos and interviews on their website to demonstrate the people behind the product.

Patagonia “Keeps It Real” by simply sticking to their mission statement to preserve the environment, rather than destroy it. Their commitment to total transparency brings a completely different type of competition to the marketplace. Patagonia wants to “reduce their footprint” as much as they can, by taking their success and giving it back to the environment.

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