Cultivate a Better World


Chipotle has been a recognized name in the food industry so far, and has built its reputation to what it is today. Inasmuch as there have been setbacks which come and go, they constantly vie towards creating newer possibilities and safer measures to ensure the customers don’t just enjoy the food, but trust in the business.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, we’re sure you have heard about Chipotle’s 2015 bacterial outbreak. In November 2015, Chipotle temporarily closed 43 of its north-western restaurants in correspondence to the outbreak. They worked closely with FDA to create thorough procedures on food, services, and equipment to absolutely ensure that there is no ongoing risk.

Would you want to return to a place that had possible traces of fecal matter in their food? Well, we would hope not. Chipotle had to fix their problem and gain back their customers, pronto. Their solution? Everyone loves free food, and hey! If it’s for free, it’s for me. Chipotle had a lot of free give aways that actually contributed to their profit falling 82% according to the same Fortune article.

To help the cause, Chipotle came out with a series of short films featuring the tag line “Cultivate a better world”, giving away more than 6 million free burritos to win back their customers. I wonder where my free burrito went? For the loyal ones who stayed, they launched a loyalty program called “Chiptopia”.

As far as resources, they put towards $10 mil to get local farmers on board with their safety standards using the local grower support initiative, mutually benefitting  from the project.

So far, Chipotle has partnered with 1,275 local community organizations and provided food for those in need – a whopping 7.2 million meals donated through the country! Chipotle has continuously put a foot forward into innovating newer options and decisions to make sure their approach to goodness is as fresh as their food every time. So, how bad will this era of tummy aches and give-me-a-breaks affect them?

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