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Is Your Favorite Brand Transparent?

Most of us might not be asking ourselves that question regularly, but we should.  The more transparent a company is the more people are willing to trust the big name corporations.


TOMS is a famous brand who is known for their one-for-one model;  where every shoe bought another shoe goes to a child in need. A seemingly good idea, but how has their transparency changed over the years?

It turns out that they were not as transparent in the beginning as they are now.

Back in 2012 TOMS was under the microscope for their one-for-one campaign hurting the local economies where they gave the shoes.  Negative articles, such as Johnathan Favini’s ,  were released stating this campaign is not helpful and actually harmful to local businesses causing a decline in these countries economies.  

If you’re thinking, “I bought TOMS shoes, did I do more harm than good?”  Don’t feel bad; today, TOMS has gone through an extensive measure to ensure they are helping communities rather than negatively affecting them.

Good Intentions Are Now Making a Positive Difference

corporate-social-responsibilities-activities-by-toms-shoes-12-638TOMS now has new lines on their website helps people in need with each of their new products. I believe this was essential for TOMS to do in order to stay afloat.  Now they’re creating jobs that lead to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Another step in the right direction was to be open with their consumers their failures.  They also created their own blog to promote their success stories. They even have a section on their website to show their transparency.

TOMS admits they aren’t a perfect company, but they are actively trying to gaitoms-blogn their consumers trust back.  I believe they will have a bright future.

How transparent is your favorite company? Would you feel comfortable buying TOMS shoes?

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