Have you ever heard of LunaPads? If you haven’t you should know that this brand is very transparent. They believe in being open with their main public. LunaPads began in the city of Vancouver in Canada by Madeleine Shaw and Suzanne Siemens. Their goal at LunaPads is to help you have more positive and informed experiences of your menstrual cycles, and by extension, and for your body overall.

As a Brand their social mission is:

  • Pad donations
  • Mentoring women entrepreneurs in our community

They have values they believe in as a company and they stick to theme, and that is why as a brand they have been able to succeed in their business because of telling the truth.


With LunaPads it is also about them helping others that are not just in this business to make profit, but they want to make the world a better place for everyone.

They are under memberships that show what type of criteria that they have as a business. They are part of the B-corporation, which shows how ethical a company is. Also, Lunapads has a membership for the No secrets – We list all ingredients and with this membership they use the effectiveness of the economy to create a world that has less toxins.

Along with being a part of ClimateSmart and with this membership they were able to reduce the people that create their products to a small amount and know what they do and what kind of products are being used.


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