Why do we use social media in the first place? To show our true colors, right? So ask yourself, “Why shouldn’t every aspect, including my posting tool, show its true colors as well?”

We’ve found your answer: Buffer. It’s a super easy posting tool that allows you to queue content on all of your favorite platforms, and then posts for you at the best times throughout the day to get you those likes and shares that you really want!


Buffer is so unique because in the midst of an impressive list of core values “default to transparency” is perhaps the most relevant. Why would you want to use a company that hides what it’s all about?

By devoting an entire page on their company website to transparency, the Buffer team is able to freely share equity, salaries, revenue, pricing, fundraising, values, emails, diversity, products roadmaps, and even books they are currently reading!


Buffer also shares three (soon to be four) blogs: Buffer Open, Buffer Social, and Buffer Overflow (with Buffer Happiness coming soon). These blogs allow a free flow of casual communication between the Buffer team and you!

They also share their flaws and plans on how to improve; they even ask for our input from the outside and post our brutally honest comments with their feedback.

Yes, Buffer’s transparency is extraordinary. But, it is the company itself that is truly remarkable; its concern for employees’ well being, devotion to a comfortable and safe culture, and loyalty to us are the key foundation of this amazing social media tool.

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