Michele’s Granola


Michele’s Granola is a small batch granola company located in Baltimore, Maryland. Michele, the founder and CEO, was inspired to make granola after a summer on Martha’s Vineyard where she would eat fresh granola every morning. After making small batches in her home, her friends convinced her to sell the product because it was just so good. In 2006, Michele was able to establish her first factory where she could commercialize her product yet stay true to the small batch recipe. At first the company only sold their granola to stores in Maryland, but just about 10 years later, Michele’s Granola is reaching store shelves nationwide.

Michele’s Granola stands by three core values; Make Delicious Granola, Make it Green and Make it Better (https://www.michelesgranola.com/pages/about-us). The team at Michele’s Granola believes in using simple and wholesome ingredients in their granola. When compared to other major granola, such as Nature Valley, the competitor uses products in their food that consumers cannot pronounce. At Michele’s Granola, all recipes are made with wholesome ingredients such as sunflower oil, flaxseed, and organic unsweetened coconut. Oftentimes, customers tell Michele repeatedly that her granola is the best granola they have ever tasted.

Michele’s Granola has only one factory and the factory is committed to staying green. The process of staying green involves using organic locally grown ingredients, composting food, recycling waste and materials, all while using wind power to bake their granola. To further give back to the community, Michele’s Granola developed the Give One for Good Food program where one percent of all sales go towards local food production and encouraging healthy living habits.  Michele’s employees take a minimum of two paid days a year to give back and volunteer with local non-profit organizations.

This company as a whole is transparent in the production of their granola and they are environmentally conscious about the footprint they will leave behind. This company provides a sense of comfort and a feeling of a close-knit relationships with the team and the consumers.  It is easy to make the switch to support a small batch company like Michele’s Granola because a consumer can watch the growth over the next years, as their values and products make them recognizable and award worthy.


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