SeaWorld Transparency

Have you seen that documentary that talks about why all those whales in captivity shouldn’t be there? If you did, I bet it made you a little mad at SeaWorld. We were sitting on our couch thinking “who do these assholes think they are keeping these animals in cement tanks for the rest of their lives?” Blackfish exposed SeaWorld on so many levels and everyone started to see what was really behind the show pool.


In the past SeaWorld had covered up multiple incidents regarding aggression towards trainers by the killer whales. The documentary talks about the death of Dawn Brancheau, a trainer at SeaWorld Orlando, and spills the beans on the full backstory of the whale that brutally killed her in front of horrified guests.


SeaWorld needed to start becoming more transparent, now more than ever. Considering this documentary put them on blast, SeaWorld’s stock has ever since declined, less people are visiting parks and more people are protesting. They did just that.

SeaWorld has since taken steps to be transparent but we don’t feel that it’s good enough. They recently announced that they will stop the breeding of orcas but if you go on their websites you can buy a ticket to a show where they have the whales perform tricks.


They’ve also launched “SeaWorld Cares,” a website that offers blogs and profiles on each of their whales. “Animal Vision” is a new thing also that is live underwater webcams of the shark, turtle, penguin and stingray exhibits that they have.

If you have saw the movie Blackfish then you might see through SeaWorld’s transparency efforts. If you haven’t seen the movie, you should watch it on Netflix and see what you think.



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