Transparency in Religion

Before the age of media, little was known about the FLDS church and polygamy, which is their biggest issue… After media took off, we started to learn more and more about what was going on within this highly secretive organization and here’s what we found.

Many followers of the FLDS church do not have a normal life. They don’t have the everyday use of cellphone, computers, or television. They cannot go into the grocery store freely. They are regularly forced to marry their close relative, and not able to date whomever they please. They live in their own world and are not connected with what is going on in their own country, let alone outside of it.

As we can see there is a true need for transparency here within the organization. Transparency is so bad it’s present within their organization, between everyday people, and their leader, Warren Jeffs’, who is currently running the sect from prison. Many followers of the FLDS which stands for The Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints believe that Warren Jeffs’ is the President of the United States. Many of the husbands in the FLDS community are extremely non-transparent towards their (many) wives and children, as they are extremely secretive and don’t feel the need to tell them their whereabouts or what they are doing.


Temple of the FLDS in El Dorado, Texas







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