Uber Transparent?

Your Uber is arriving now. Your phone notifies you, which means it’s time to get into your personally-driven premium car.

When Uber started up, this cunnamedoncept enticed the consumer market, but flash forward to today, and ask yourself, “What do I think of Uber now?”

What started out as a simple ride-sharing application, has transformed into an entirely new way of looking at transportation. As Uber grew, so did the company’s ego and ignorance of their niche market.

With more than 6,700 employees throughout the nation, the company just recently released their first ever transparency  and diversity reports.

The first thing to noteuber_animated-gif is Uber’s transparency report, where you will find little to no information that is useful for you as a consumer. It’s not what the report says that should shock you, but it’s what it doesn’t mention that should speak volumes to consumers.

Over the past three months, Uber has gotten into a lot of hot water. Uber’s lack of honesty with you, and the rest of its consumers has gotten the company in trouble in many ways; such as: covering up stories of sexual harassment, drivers using cars that don’t belong to them, and much more. Their transparency report lacks any honest information other than explaining the requirements there are for a technological company such as theirs.

Direct your attention to Uber’s diversity report, and perhaps you’ll have more luck finding some sort of information on what Uber really is about as a companuber-serp-logo-f6e7549c89 (1)y. This report ignited a wildfire of buzz throughout news outlets due to the company’s lack of minority employees. Yes, this diversity report is not up to the standards of some other technological companies, such as Google, but the CEO has already made a statement explaining his urgency to hire more minorities. Yet, even after his statement, is this enough for you? Do you see Uber as an uber-transparent company?

With the information from the transparency report as well as Uber’s diversity report, one thing is clear: Uber is as transparent as a murky pond. Uber needs to clean up its act before it’s too late, because there are many more fish in this big pond. If they don’t act fast they’re going to drown.

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