Whole Foods, Whole Truth

Whole Foods

       Lots of food stores brag about using “fresh ingredients” and being eco-friendly. Whole Foods is one of those stores. When you walk into any Whole Foods Market, by taking a little time you can explore whether these claims are true.


When you walk inside right from the entrance all the way to the backside refrigerators you see vibrant colors filling the aisles. Assortments of food line the aisles as families and little children search for the items on their grocery lists. Seeing how these families shop together and create healthy habits together was inspiring.

Whole foods pride itself in supporting the local community through actions such as volunteering with different charities and stocking their shelves with products of their “neighbors.” The picture below is just one example.


Local to the Tampa area is Uncle Matt’s Organic Juice from Clermont, Florida.

         Whole foods promote connecting with the community and creating relationships with their customers. The Tampa location has a recycling bin, although that specific location does not have a place to recycle plastic or batteries. Whole Foods employee explained a place where a plastic bag and batteries recycling bin could be could be found. They also have boxes at the store for customers to use if they forgot their reusable bags at home, just as their website says.

Whole Foods, whole truth. We asked a question, we got the answer. Whole Foods defines its self on its values and core strengths, as boldly written on the walls. Whole Foods tells its customers what they want to know, transparency at its finest.


Have you visited your local Whole Foods? Have you seen similar values within the company by shopping there? How has your overall experience been at Whole Foods? Let us know in the comments below!

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