Adidas – Changing the Game 3-stripes at the Time


Every story has a great beginning. This one started in a small town in Bavaria.

From its creation, Adidas had but one mission – “To provide athletes with the best possible equipment and produce innovative products that make better athletes.” Synonymous with high performance, stellar quality, and trusted by professional athletes and sports enthusiasts all over the world, Adidas is the second largest sportswear manufacturer on the planet.

But how did they do it? Simple. They listened to the athletes, making necessary changes to improve upon their products based on their feedback. Adidas redefined the sporting goods industry and made the best even better.

But it doesn’t end there. By utilizing a unique supply chain approach, Adidas established Workplace Standards, which covers workers health and safety, ensuring environmentally friendly factory operations. Adidas implemented and embraced a policy of full transparency in ethics, sustainability, and labor rights.

This has put a company that was once on the verge of bankruptcy into a world-leading sports brand, renowned for its high standards of labor and product quality.

Adidas has sure earned its stripes for transparency.


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