Max Wallace, Jake Rose and Cynthia Soowal

Chipotle is a world renown brand which began to come into the hearts of many in 1993. When Chipotle started they came up with a slogan “Food with Integrity.”  Chipotle presented this slogan as a “show that food served fast didn’t have to be a “fast food” experience. Using high – quality raw ingredients, classic cooking techniques, and distinctive interior design, we brought features from the realm of fine dining to the world of quick – service restaurants.” (Chipotle) From the slogan that Chipotle promoted, this presented a major controversy for the company when hundreds of customers got sick form multiple outbreaks.  The reason this outbreak occurred is because employees were not following the rules and attending work sick.  From this Chipotle chains were affected by the E-coli outbreak, some customers didn’t return and the profits decreased heavily.  Chipotle made the headlines of most News-Papers around the world as well as all over the news. This brought a severe amount of negative publicity to all Chipotle restaurants.

Chipotle had to respond to the world and all their customers about the outbreak. Chipotle claimed to conduct a deep cleaning at all restaurants that were connected to the E -Coli outbreak. Chipotle also replaced ingredients at each restaurant, while changing food preparation procedures and providing all necessary supply chain data to investigators. Additionally, Chipotle said they’re expanding testing of key ingredients, examining all of its food-safety procedures to find any opportunity for improvement with the help of two renowned food safety scientists. The most important procedure was creating surveys of all employees to ensure none of them have had any symptoms of illnesses. This was a major factor into getting Chipotle back to where it was being the main reason for the outbreak was employees illnesses.  CEO Steven Ells stated to the public “We took swift action and made it clear to the entire company that we have a zero-tolerance policy for not following these protocols. Compliance with our procedures is non-negotiable and a condition of their employment.”

The moral of this story is that you never know how sanitary restaurants can be, and you never know if their employees are following proper protocols.  The best thing to do is ask, “How do I know if this restaurant and employees are following health protocols.” Find mutual friends that have eaten at that restaurant and ask for their opinion.  Conduct research on the restaurants and see what their reputation is and how their business is run.  Make sure you are eating at the right place with safe sanitary rules and a properly run system.

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