SeaWorld Entertainment Parks


There have been countless accidents regarding customers and trainers at SeaWorld. So, you’re probably wondering well “has SeaWorld ever owned up to these accidents?”. The answer to that question is no. SeaWorld has never been transparent with those who question what they stand for. Instead, they have blamed deaths and accidents involving their killer whales on trainers. The company stated they would end all shows involving killer whales, but it is evident that these shows are still being held because with one simply click you can buy tickets.

In July of 2013, Blackfish, a documentary regarding the captivity of one of SeaWorld’s whales was released. Blackfish focused on the consequences of keeping whales in captivity and all the incidents that occurred while having humans interact with these animals.

In attempts to clean up their image they came up with a campaign called “SeaWorld Cares” which has blogs and profiles on their whales. They also have “Animal Vision” which allows viewers from home to see their sharks, penguins and other sea animals. It’s been a difficult attempt for SeaWorld to clean up their name and with a documentary like Blackfish.  exposing the company it’s doubtful they will ever bounce back.

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