Sephora may be Glamorous on the Outside – but What Happens When we Take you on the Inside?

 UnknownYou might think Sephora has IT ALL c  nsidering they carry 300 brands, as well as their own private label that caters for both men and women. But what if I told you the inner beauty of Sephora might be uglier than you expected..

Sephora has had numerous outbreaks with offended customers because of the names of the products on their shelves. They sold a lipstick called “Celebutard” which angered people across the nation. Sephora has been recognized by renown non-profits such as Inclusion BC and Facing Addiction for insensitive product names. Sephora removed the lipstick from the shelves, which was the right thing to do. But just 3 years later Sephora began selling Urban Decay eyeshadows with names that offended recovering addicts. They released impersonable apologies but neUnknownver stated the issue in the release. They were also accused of racism towards their Asian customers when they accused the brand of deactivating their accounts during a sale. Sephora apologized and reassured they did not shut down anyone’s account but never addressed racism.
UnknownSephora isn’t all bad. They help all customers look and feel their best to help us live more confidently. Their Classes for Confidence program helps inspire women with cancer feel more beautiful. Their program provides special beauty training to inspire these major life transitions.  They treat their employees just as well. Through Sephora Stands Together Fund, they stand shoulder-to-shoulder with their employees in times of need by providing financial aid. Doesn’t that make you want to join Sephora’s team?

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