Nicole Schenone, Max Brennan, Joe Thornt, Olivia

My group and I chose to present the transparency of the brand, Patagonia. Patagonia is an American Clothing Company that was founded by Yvon Chouinard in 1973. The company is based in California. They have hundreds of stores worldwide. They are currently in 10 countries across 5 continents. The reason that Patagonia is a transparent company is because they are very open with their consumers. They provide resources such as the Patagonia Footprint website which has a number of videos, stories and awareness about their brand as a whole. They give shoppers an inside on how they recycle and how it makes their brand so unique. The meaning behind the name of the website is to show how the brand reduces their carbon footprint allowing them to be as sustainable as possible. 

The brand gives one the accessibility they need to see the motive behind the name, Patagonia. The products are reasonably priced considering how many steps the article of clothing goes through before being put out and sold. Videos that we showed to the class describe how a big factor for patagonia is marketing and this leaves potential consumers happy knowing that they can look up the brand and see them being open to the person, turning them into a consumer of the product. This is one of the reasons as to why Patagonia is such a successful company, they give their customers the inside allowing them to see their ups and downs. 

My group and I made sure to connect the transparency of the brand to the content that we have been learning in class and from the professor. We were able to connect Ted Talk Speaker Simon Sinek’s thoughts on communication to show how the company is successful from the inside – out. My group and I also used fashion indexes to show how they are one of the many companies that are transparent. Patagonia happens to fall in the top 50% which means their company is rated “good.”

Overall, Patagonia is a generally transparent company with a strong message about protecting the environment and maintaining eco-friendly practices. The company produces environmentally friendly products and encourages activism amongst its supporters. Due to Patagonia’s transparency, consumers are able to make an educated decision about the company and its practices themselves. Consumers who do purchase Patagonia products likely align themselves with the beliefs of the company, giving Patagonia a strong base of supporters who trust the company. 

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