Last week we met with Professor Buschman and he gave us many suggestions so that we could improve our presentation on Whole Foods. He suggested adding short videos and images, bringing products for the class to compare, lessening my words on the slides so the focus would be on us, and speaking about personal experiences that relate to transparency. He als0 made the point to look into whether the controversies began before or after Amazon bought Whole Food, to our surprise the lawsuits began not even after 20 years after it was founded. We took these suggestions and incorporated them into our presentation. We also found a similar company that is dealing with more catastrophic consequences due to a lack of transparency. We decided to tie into the presentation as an introduction. Kellog’s has a very different social media persona than in real life. Many of their workers are on strike for abusive work conditions, no time off, and benefits cuts, despite record-breaking profits. It relates to the presentation because there is one figure making all the money while the people below suffer, the video below shows that. In our presentation that person would be Jeff Bezos

To show the lack of transparency from Whole Food towards its customers and employees we researched different Class Action Lawsuits that they’ve had filed against them for years. We decided to only present three even though they had too many to count. We also talked about the change in ownership of the company and how that affected and changed the company either for good or bad. We tied the situation with Whole Foods to Chapter 10 of our book because the chapter addresses leadership in companies and the different types of leadership styles there are as well as planned and unplanned change.

After all of the research that we did, we got to the conclusion that Whole Foods has a tendency to speak about being transparent, but when it comes to the quality of treatment towards employees and products they lack ethical processes. What we found is that Whole Foods does a really good job of covering their lawsuits and maintaining what seems like the perfect brand persona. They almost never address their lawsuits to try and avoid these mistakes in the future. They have been involved in discriminatory situations, false advertising, and having carcinogenic ingredients in their products among countless other lawsuits.  Americans trust this company because they think that they’re being given natural, organic, and quality products when this is all untrue for some products– their labels don’t conquer with the products. Whole Foods has a lot of pressure to keep their word and be as transparent as possible because they are dealing with people’s health and their products are for consumption. Their target audience is also people that watch their health so they are even more prone to argue about the products Whole Foods sells. What is your perception of Whole Foods now?

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