Lush Cosmetics

Founded in 1995, Lush is a cosmetics retailer based in the U.K. It has over 900 stores worldwide with most locations being the United States. The company has a wide range of products ranging from shower gels and shampoos to lotions and face masks, and most notable, their bath bombs. 

What sets this company aparts from all other cosmetic companies is their 100% transparency policy. Lush built its foundation on their “We Believe..” statement, claiming they only use vegetarian, safe ingredients, they invent their own products, do not participate in animal testing, and use little to no packaging. 

Through our research, we learned what a truly ethical and transparent company looks like and the success that follows them. On their website, under each product is an ingredient list with each ingredient labeled as natural ingredients or safe synthetics, which is all they claim to use in their products, no add-ins. Lush is also a brand that uses no advertising; they have relied heavily on word-of-mouth, and it’s worked. When a company ensures and provides great, natural products, people are going to share that with friends and family, who will then tell their friends and so on. They also do not label themselves as an ethical company, they let their actions speak for themselves. 

Lush is continuing to set the bar for other cosmetic companies on how being transparent and proving their ethical standards creates great success and trust with consumers.

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