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As a group, we decided to do our Transparency Project on Zoom Inc. Zoom is a video communication company that allows you to have meetings for school, work, and social events all through your computer. They started to blow up around the time that the COVID-19 Pandemic started to take over the world. When most of the world was forced to shut down, everyone was forced to convert to online meetings. Zoom took over the industry, because according to their company mission, “Make video communication frictionless and secure,” which allowed people to have the ease of meeting without many technical difficulties when attempting to do their jobs (

            Through the early years of the company, Zoom appeared as a very transparent company. They did a great job of communicating throughout the entire company, from executives down to entry-level positions. Once the pandemic started, the company was struggling to keep up with the large increase in business that they were doing. The executives were struggling to keep the communication flow going, and it made it very difficult for the workers to understand what they were doing, as well as how the job was supposed to be done effectively. The transparency of the company quickly went from a strong point to a weak point due to the pandemic. 

            Overall, the company has struggled with their transparency within the past couple of years, but they are still attempting to be as transparent as possible.

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