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Tips for Blogging Here

Transparency!  That’s your topic.  Stick to it.  You can focus on good measures of transparency within organizations, and of course, you can feature organizations that have a lack of transparency. Research and Support:  Sound brilliant.  Support your claims, especially if you … Continue reading

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Uber Transparent?

Your Uber is arriving now. Your phone notifies you, which means it’s time to get into your personally-driven premium car. When Uber started up, this concept enticed the consumer market, but flash forward to today, and ask yourself, “What do … Continue reading

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IKEA Transparency

In 1943, Ingvar Kamprad founded a mail-to-order furniture store called IKEA. IKEA has since grown to the largest retailer of furniture in the world and has over 389 stores all over the world. IKEA has used its platform to raise … Continue reading

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Conscious Coconut: Transparency, Respect, & Love

Conscious Coconut stands behind the principle of thinking globally, acting locally – but what does that really mean? On February of 2014, Danielle Conte founded the company Conscious Coconut. Conscious Coconut is a coconut oil that is virgin and unrefined, … Continue reading

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Is Zappos in Trouble?

Zappos is a model of transparency for other organizations, from their customer service to their company culture. Customers can learn anything they want about Zappos, because they provide almost all of their company information on their website. They don’t hide … Continue reading

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